About Brighton Gasworks

Brighton Gas Works comprises two hectares of land in East Brighton, at the junction of Marina Way and Roedean Road and behind Brighton Marina. The South Downs can be accessed directly north-east of the site.

The site currently contains two redundant gasholders and supporting gas infrastructure, low rise buildings, and areas for vehicles.

Historically the site contained seven gasholders alongside supporting infrastructure. Gas production ceased in 1860 and thereafter the site was used for gas storage and distribution.

Since 2012 gas has been stored in underground mains and the gasholders are therefore no longer in use. Only a small area of the site is now required for operational use, freeing up the site for redevelopment.

Due to its historic use the site contains of contamination that will be treated as part of the redevelopment of the site to bring it back into beneficial residential and public use.

The Site historically
The Site now

Application red line

The site is currently in two main ownerships, partially owned by National Grid and partially by St William.

The application site will include all of this land to bring forward a comprehensive proposal for the site.

A small area will also be retained by SGN for operational use, but their equipment will consolidated to minimise its impact.

Brighton Gas Tower Kemptown