We understand that the process of cleaning and preparing the site for the long-term is an area of interest for some residents.

The document below provides an introduction to the process, the next steps for Brighton Gasworks and our commitments to the community leading up to and throughout the works. You can scroll through the PDF below by using the arrows (or download it here) to find out more. We are aware that the document might take a little longer to load on some internet browsers.

The planning application contains a suite of detailed information relating to the site’s ground conditions. The key documents are as follow:

  • Environmental Statement: Chapter 9 Air Quality
  • Environmental Statement:  Chapter 13 Ground Conditions
  • Environmental Statement (Appendices): Chapter 13 Appendices:
  • Atkins Ltd (October 2021). Land Condition Report (LCR);
  • Atkins Ltd (October 2021). Ground Investigation Report (GIR);
  • Atkins Ltd (October 2021). Detailed Quantitative Risk Assessment (DQRA);
  • Atkins Ltd (October 2021). Draft Foundation Works Risk Assessment (FWRA

If you have any question about the process you can contact us by phone or email. Please click here to view our contact information.