About our redevelopment proposals

In line with Brighton and Hove City Council’s planning policy aspirations, we plan to redevelop Brighton Gasworks from a redundant gasworks site into an exciting new part of the city. The redevelopment will provide new homes and jobs alongside publicly accessible open space for use by local people.

We want your views on how this could come forward and will be consulting the public and other relevant stakeholders in the process of developing the designs.

We intend to submit a detailed planning application towards the end of 2020 and consultation with the local community will be vital to creating proposals that are appropriate to the local area.

Please refer to our consultation information for the latest on the details of the plans and to get in contact with any comments, questions or suggestions for how you would like to see the proposals come forward.

St William development at Clarendon Gasworks
A landscape-led approach to development

Latest proposals

To see the latest on our proposals for the redevelopment of Brighton Gasworks, please see our consultation page.

Brighton Gasworks Tower