We are currently developing the proposals following the public consultation over the summer however we are always happy to discuss the proposals or hear any feedback. To contact us please use the contact details or form below:

Email: info@brightongasworks.co.uk

Post: FAO Brighton Gasworks, St William Homes LLP, Berkeley House, 15b St George Wharf, London, SW8 2LE

Phone: 020 3675 1502

Please note that we will endeavour to respond to postal submissions and phone calls as soon as possible however due to the current travel restrictions we will be unable to respond as regularly as usual.

Note: By filling in the feedback form you are agreeing that St William Homes LLP can hold and process your personal data in relation to this public consultation exercise. Please view our full privacy policy before filling in this form.

Feedback Form

    Under 1818-24 years25-34 years35-44 years45-54 years55-64 years65-7475-8485+Filling this in helps us understand which groups of the local population we have reached and who else we might need to reach out to.